Our Story


The ministry known today as Sam Dewald Ministries was incorporated as an interdenominational Christian church organization, known as World Healing International Church in 2008 by Sam & Suganthi  in the town of Arlington, Texas. 


World Healing International Church was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) church organization, in affiliation with Christ for the Nations Fellowship of Members and Churches by Sam and Suganthi in the city of Arlington, Texas. The Church started as a small group gathering for worship & intercession, raising prayer for Israel and minister healing. As the ministry evolved to national and international influence, it transitioned and progressed to be known as Sam Dewald  Ministries.

Our Journey
Sam and Suganthi were called into the ministry with an apostolic call to declare God’s power to the nations. They founded Love of Christ Ministries in India in 2002 to provide assistance to the orphans and widows. Later it evolved to conduct pastor’s conferences, television broadcast, and healing services and also mobilize prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and the nations. In 2018  'Mount Moriah House of Prayer' was established in India.

In 2005, they responded to God's call to serve the King in Jerusalem. They moved to Israel and served in Jerusalem House of Prayer for all Nations, standing in gap for Israel and all the nations. Here they were imparted with God's heart for the nations and a mandate to proclaim that King is coming to the world.

In 2006, when Sam was part of the 100th Year Celebration of Azuza Street Revival, he received God's call to the United States of America for the end-time awakening and revival. Obeying the marching orders of the Lord of Hosts, they moved from Israel to the United States in 2008 thus launched World Healing International Church. In 2010 Sam also began lecturing as adjunct professor at Christ for Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Development and Expansion

In 2013, WHI moved its headquarters from Arlington, TX to Long Lake, Minnesota. While there, WHI established county prayer fellowships in different parts of Minnesota as fire starters for awakening and revival. WHI also hosted variety of conferences including, Israel Conferences, School of Ministries, Healing Services, Monthly Twin-cites Prayer Gathering, etc. Ministry also expanded internationally, non-profit organizations were established in Israel and Australia to further the vision of the ministry.


In 2018, with the vision of expanding outreaches to the land of Israel, non-profit (Amutha) 'Israel Connect International Ministries' in Israel was established. Supporting  the nation of Israel in prayer, financially and through outreaches through  the 'A HOPE' of Israel strategy. Click here for more info...


As God begin to reveal to Sam about his involvement in the coming 'Greater Glory Revival' from Australia and the South Pacific, in 2018 Sam Dewald Ministries was established in Cairns, Australia. SDM hosts conferences, and seminars to equip the body of Christ including the aboriginal community. It also facilitates missions and tours to Australia and New Zealand connecting West, and the East for an historic final move of God as prophesied by Smith Wigglesworth, Derek Prince and many others.
In 2019 the ministry moved back to the Arlington, Texas. The name of the ministry was also changed to be  know as Sam Dewald Ministries to compliment WHI's continuously expanding vision and ministry. SDM's television ministry was launched.