MN 87 Counties Israel Prayer
on October 14th, 2023
THE STRATEGYTo gather strategic intercessors at all 87 Minnesota County SeatsStrategically decree and prophetically declare that each county stands with Israel based on Biblical criteria.Beseech God to transform the County from being a goat to sheep countyRead more......  Read More
50 States of America Prayer Guide
on November 13th, 2022
Prayer Points of the 50 States..Plans, purposes and redemptive purpose of God all states will come to pass. For Governors Mayors & City Council Members in every Senators, State Representatives and all Legislators. Judicial System in every state Police, Fire Fighters, First Responders and everyone in authority....   Read More
2020 Recap
on November 13th, 2022
The year 2020 will be remembered in the history as the year of the Corona pandemic which deeply shocked all the countries. Many churches, ministries, businesses, governments and human lives in general went through a mighty shaking. Many lost their lives. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.“For thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Once more in a little while, I am going to shake the heavens and the ear...  Read More
Strategic Israel Decrees Prayer Events in 50 State Capitols and DC
on August 10th, 2022
Decrees for Israel at 50 US State Capitals and Washington DC Prayer Events...  Read More
State Capitals & Washington D.C. Prayer
on October 6th, 2020
Type your new text here....  Read More
Awakening & Greater Glory Revival
on August 14th, 2020
There is a Greater Glory coming to this earth. We have been blessed by a measure of Revival and a measure of Glory. Now God is taking us all into Greater Glory, Revival Glory.  Read More