50 States of America Prayer Guide

Prayer Guide

Please pray for all the 50 states of United States of America

  • That plans, purposes and the redemptive purpose of God for all states will come to pass
  • Governors
  • Mayors & City Council Members in every state
  • Senators, State Representatives and all Legislators
  • Judicial System in every state
  • Police, Fire Fighters, First Responders and everyone in authority
  • For righteousness to rain down
  • For reconciliation and unity
  • For evangelism to breakthrough and bring reformation into every sphere of the society
  • Worshiping in Spirit and Truth to go to another level 
  • For the Ecclesia to arise and bring a shift in all the states
 Pray and prophetically decree over all the states from the points below
Prayer Points of the 50 States adopted from the book "Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation", published in 2005 written by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce
*Note:  The mottos in italics are names given to the states by the prophetic team on their 50 states tour in 2003
Alabama:  Motto:  (We Dare Defend Our Rights)   The Reformer and Justice State
Although Alabama has had a legacy of shame, she has not been forsaken. God has heard the groaning and is come down to deliver.  Pray that Alabama will move from the ashes of injustice and shame of reproach to a sunrise of justice and the beauty of holiness, covenant, and union--both with God and with one another.  Dutch said that there is a reforming anointing on Alabama with the ability to tear down the old and establish the new. Pray for breakthrough regarding "justice" in Alabama, for it is key to breakthrough for the nation in regard to these things.

Alaska:  Motto:  (North to the Future)    Alpha and Omega State
"Alaska is My Alpha and Omega state."  It is where things begin and where things end.  "Tell my people to move forward and not back into yesterday!  Something aborts you from moving into the  new and you slip back in the old pattern.  Break the cycle and move into the new!  The Lord says, "Alaska is the Gateway of the nation to the Ancient of Days!"  God has assigned AK as a sentinel and a vanguard for North America. Alaska will open the doors for the glory of the Lord to sweep through North America.  From  Alaska the Spirit of God will fall and your people will be sent to train prophets and intercessors.

Arizona:  Motto:  God Enriches    The Greenhouse State
"This is a prophetic state.  However, the people here are not fully perceiving what the Holy Spirit is saying (in 2003) and thus will not reap the harvest.  AZ must learn to hear prophetically and then do battle in the heavenlies.  Is. 35:5-6 has often been prophesied over AZ.  Cheryl Sacks declared that AZ needed to shift from a Church that survives to a Church that overcomes; it is a well-watered garden and takes authority.  Chuck P. prophesied, You are about to build a greenhouse over this state, a covering of deliverance over Arizona. "What has been a desert will become a fruitful planting."

Arkansas:  Motto:  (Let the People Rule)   The State of Exposing and Dislodging the Serpent
The Lord gave Dutch Sheets 4 promises for Arkansas.
1. "I'm going to restore the foundations so Arkansas will once again be the "Land of Opportunity."
2.  "I'm going to realign and restore you with its God-ordained purpose. AR is a state of refuge where God will re-infuse hope.  AR has a deliverance anointing.
3.  "I'm going t expose and dislodge the serpent."  Leviathan will be cast down. The strong Masonic structure in AR needs to be undone.  God will deal with witchcraft.  Discerning of spirits will be released.
The "Lodge" will be dislodged!
4. It's time for Arkansas to blossom." Pray Is.35 over the state as it is their redemptive Scripture.  The river that flows from this state will heal the land.

California:  Motto:  Eureka!     The Crossing Over State
Tell California:  it's time to cross over! Dutch Sheets prophesied, "Cross into miraculous, deliverance, miracles, salvation; you need to cross out of the religious spirit.  You're going to break into freedom!"  Chuck Pierce prophesied:  "Sacramento, I am ready to roll into your city! You'll be known as a city of worship!  ... And I would say to CA:  War is in your midst.  But, I say to you: Though this state has been passive toward My purposes in the past, it will be that God's warriors have risen in California!  CROSS OVER!" ... Take your stand and trade 'fine' for the 'best' I have.  I say, the womb of the state has been defiled.  I say, I am ready to cleanse the womb, break the defilement, cause the hostility of the womb to change.  I am ready to birth My purpose in this state."

Colorado:  Motto:  Nothing without providence     The State of Breaking the Drought

Chuck Pierce prophesied in 2003:  "I say to Colorado that this is a year that I am going to address bitter roots in this state. You can repent of it and it can be removed....If drought comes, look for the bitterness, and I will send  water in the place of drought.  This is a  season for My word to go out from here and flood the nations in a new way.  This is a season of revelation. Enter in and receive, and I will surprise your enemy that has held you captive in the past."
Another word released was that "Colorado is a treasure in this nation."  Chuck declared, "Let the treasure of this state be mined properly and brought forth.  Pray for what has been blocking the mining --both old and new to come forth--and the treasure of this state will be seen throughout this land."

Connecticut:  (Constitution State)  Motto: He who transplanted still sustains. The State of Favor
This state carries a greater mantle of revival than any other state in New England.  God is going to cause something in Connecticut that will cause this nation to take notice of this state. God says this is a state that He is ready to give favor, connect and penetrate, and pull together. The Lord is about to open a door to new authority.  It will be known that the glory of the Lord will be poured out over Connecticut. In 2012 Chuck Pierce also prophesied: "And I say to you that the war of regulation for this entire nation now stirs within Connecticut.  There will be legal wars to set the course of a nation that has gotten off course.  I say I have chosen you from the foundation of this nation to regulate this nation. I say now go to war in worship and this nation will be regulated under My watch care, saith the Lord."

Delaware:  Motto: Liberty and Independence   Releasing the Firstfruit of a Nation
Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and the first state in the Union. It is known as the "Cradle of Methodism."  Dutch Sheets declared, "The word for Delaware is this:  You're going to reconnect to your roots and you are a firstfruits state."  Chuck prophesied, "If the firstfruit is holy, the whole lump will become holy.  I am reconnecting you into a place of holiness that this nation has not seen in a hundred years.  Let the highway of the Lord begin.  And if you will cause that highway to rise up, many will run on this highway of glory.  For you, Delaware, have the power to break the spiritual impasse in this land."  (Pray that Delaware would rise up and stand in its spiritual identity and purpose as the firstfruits state.)

Florida:  Motto:  In God We Trust     First for Revival; the Forerunner State
Florida is a forerunner state--forerunning in the purposes of God, in revival and in destiny for the nation. Florida is an apostolic state with a governmental mantle to shift and change the nation.  The 22nd floor of the State Capitol Bldg in Tallahassee is an Is. 22:22 floor, where the Church of Florida is to pray and govern the state from. Diane Buker prophesied about the warrior mantle on Florida.  "Look to me!  I have gone to war.  I have released power for war and I have already won.  I have restrained Myself in the past.  But now I say war, war, war!"  Chuck Pierce said that there is a  new smell coming in your midst that will break off death of the last season that aligned against  MY Spirit.  Let the new smell arise, and from this fragrance many will be converted."

Georgia: (Peach State)   Motto: Wisdom, Justice, Moderation   A Governmental Gate
"Georgia is one of MY gates; it is a governmental gate." We are to be gatekeepers--watching and praying to open gates to the Lord and close them to the enemy.  Georgia is to be an opened portal--a place of revelation, fresh worship, and restoration; where the womb will no longer be hostile to new life (both naturally and spiritually); where new ministries will not just be conceived but brought to full-term maturity, where new sounds of worship will come forth.
Dutch Sheets continued, "Church's destiny--governmental breakthrough--summits--destinies of nations shaped in Georgia--nations coming to Georgia..Sound of Heaven, come to Georgia. It's a shout of a King who is among them.  He roars out of Zion--out of Georgia.  Let every leader hear the sound of Heaven over the state, church and schools."

Hawaii:  (Aloha State)  Motto: The Life of the Land Is Perpetuated   The Pentecost Harvest State
Hawaii was the first state to experience total revival.  They decreed it would happen again.
Requested Prayer Points:
1. Pray for greater level of unity within the Body of Christ.  There has been much division through deceptive means from the enemy.  2.Pray for a greater sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit in the church leaders. 3.Pray for righteousness to prevail in the state gov't. and also pray against the "good ole boy" network mentality.  4. Pray for the safety of all military bases, personnel and family in Hawaii.  5.Pray for the economy of Hawaii.  6. Pray that the stronghold of drug abuse is completely uncovered and dismantled.  Also pray for the deliverance and salvation of all drug users and dealers. 7. Pray for the police officers on each island.  Pray that deceptive spirits would be exposed and pray against the spirit of temptation and that the officers would overcome them and stand in holiness and integrity. 8. Pray that the Lord will raise up more laborers to reel in the harvest of souls. 9. Pray for the well of revival from many years ago to be re-dug with intercession, evangelists and more churches. 10. Pray that the father of the home would take the spiritual leadership of family life.  11. Pray against domestic violence.

Idaho:  (Gem State)  Motto:  May It Last Forever   The Treasure State (Isaiah 45)
Requested Prayer Points:
1.Pray for the Lord to unlock and uncover spiritual and natural treasure that God has kept hidden until now in the "Gem" state--may it come forth!  2. Pray that this unlocked treasure would be used to affect the nation for the cause of Jesus Christ  3.Pray for God to unlock revelation.  4. Pray for a spirit of purity to be released in Idaho, especially that other would see a purity in our Christian walk. 5. Pray for the strength and grace needed to cross over into the reward that God has for them. 6. Pray for recognition of any wrong alignments that could break the anointing. 7. Pray for new revelation of the intimacy of worship.
8. Pray for the spirit of joy to be released. 9. Pray for a Cyrus anointing to come upon the Church to subdue nations, open doors and finance restoration.

Illinois: (Prairie State)  Motto:  State Sovereignty, National Union    The Apostolic State
Dutch shared this very pointed word: "Illinois is My apostolic state."  For Illinois to move fully to the apostolic anointing, it will have to transition to another level of strength, understanding and maturity.
There will need to be more connecting, another level of networking in the state. Breakthroughs and deliverance are going to come and people will be set free.  The Lord says, "The grace is coming on the place."  Decree that there is a connecting of the Body of Christ coming in Illinois that is going to another level.  Dutch continued prophesying, "God has a phase of learning and another level of the glory. He wants to begin to unfold on you  that God is inside of you, to be God inside-of-you minded everywhere you go. Illinois will be known as the place where the river of God dwells. The Lord said through Dutch, "I will deal with religion and religious form in this state.  I am shaking the established churches and ministries in the region.  Ask for My mercy for them, but do not ask for mercy for the structure.  Ask for restoration of heart.

Indiana: (Hoosier State)  Motto: The Crossroads of America     The First-Strike State
Indiana, God is dreaming about you! (spoken by Will Ford III)  Dutch said that there is something to do with firsts.  First strikes that have to do with Indiana that are first for the nation.  First Strike places have to do with the miraculous profession, the supernatural element that comes and begins to multiply. Maybe there is a First Fruits movement of harvest coming here.  Maybe where God is about to strike first is this younger generation and the revival in the college campuses.  I saw the fire of God going from place to place and saw very clearly Notre Dame but not limited to one place. I saw a move of God's Spirit literally overwhelm the universities...it was a first strike, coming with such ferocity..fire of cleansing, fire of trials, holiness movement...miracles..a rolling move of fire that could not be stopped! He asked if Indiana would be would be a First strike state. First strike people have to be people who insist on heavenly strategy  Chuck then said, "You are at a crossroads right now.  You are either going to be found wanting, or you are  going to come into what God has for you and make a shift this time and not go back.. Then I saw secret societies that are so entrenched in this state.  May the Church be anointed in a new way."  
Pray that Indiana will go all in for what God is calling them to do.  Call forth the cleansing revival fire of God sweeping through colleges to forever change Indiana and continue through the whole nation!

Iowa: (Hawkeyes)  Motto: Our Liberties We Prize & Our Rights We Will Maintain Corn State-Supply & Release
 The Lord said through Chuck Pierce, "The corn belt states are going to rise up and learn a new way of releasing.  Chuck prophesied, "The Lord says, "You will release food.  You will release funds.  You will release revelation for times that are ahead.' There will be a shift in the economic system, but it's a sign for this particular state.  In Iowa, in the days ahead, you are about to be broken open in a way like never before.  The Lord would say, "From this state, Babylon will begin to change.  For I will make a supernatural connection from the cornfields to the supply from this state that will change the course of the Church in Iraq.  Do not look at the confusion that is going on in that land.  For here in Iowa, you will a supernatural authority to defeat Babylon in days ahead.  The Lord would say to you, "Change is now upon this state.  What has been asleep, now will wake up.  I will have a people that begin to rise before the sun and make decrees, so that the order that I have for this state will be made.  I will have a praying group that rises every morning in the north, south, east and west corners.  They will rise up and make their decree. And from that decree, I will bring to birth My very purpose in this state.  And even though you have been submerged under Michigan and Wisconsin, I say that Iowa is now rising to the attention of this nation."

Kansas: (Sunflower State)  Motto: To the Stars Through Adversity    The Revival State
A key redemptive gift of Kansas to the nation(s) is being the bread basket. The land is very fertile and they have abundant supply of wheat.  The role of Kansas has been a strategic one for the nation.  It is at the heart of America, being at the exact center.  There are great wells of revival in this state that need to be re-dug. In 1901, the Holy Spirit visited a small group of believers in Topeka.  That began the modern day Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.  Spring up, ole well of revival!

Kentucky:  (Bluegrass State)  Motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall  The Trumpet Has Sounded--It's Time to Run With the Horses!  God is loosing the horses, runners, and the riders in Kentucky. There is a breaking out that is going to occur in Kentucky.  It is a firstfruit state for revival. God is going to bring a new order to this state, which will cause both the land and the Church to flourish.  The serpent that has held back revival will be cut off.  The Lord says, "I am returning a right mantle of war to the White House from this state, and there will be vindication."A supernatural confession will arise from the gov't in Kentucky as men attempt to change righteous laws.  The outcry and resistance from Kentucky will be see throughout the nation and it will cause a remnant from every state to rise up in agreement with Kentucky.  Worship will be the key in KY to exposing hidden things and causing the enemy to loose his hold.  The seer anointing and great revelation will be loosed in Kentucky.

Louisiana: (Pelican State)  Motto:  Union, Justice, and Confidence   The Governmental Mantle State
Decrees given: that the enemy would be outwitted in KY, that the gov't of God would shift completely and immediate change would come to civil gov't. Declaration that eyes will open to see a new supply and a transference of wealth into the Kingdom of God. Declared that the deadness that had entered the Church because of unbelief would break. Declared that the voice of wisdom would arise and that Louisiana as a state would be propelled into what God has for her.

Maine:  (Pine Tree State)  Motto:  I Direct   The East Gate for the King
Maine is the first place the sun hits the United States. It is the land of the dawn; and the name of our First Nation People, the Wabanakis (people of the dawn). Psalm 24 is a key Scripture for Maine as we welcomed the King of Glory to come through the East Gate.   Maine is the "womb of the morning."  Prayer will birth revival in this "womb" and the Lord will refresh Maine with His dew.

Maryland:     (Old Line State)    Motto:  Manly Deeds, Womanly Word   " I will awaken the seed."  
Although great division will come into Maryland, this division will be used to stir things for righteous change.  A declaration was made that Maryland would be a "state of reversal" and that certain laws would change here that will cause the nation to be changed.  Historically, Maryland was a state that "kept the line." Once again, it will be a state where the line in drawn.  Dutch shared that the Lord said, "I am going to awaken the seed and open the womb."

Massachusetts:  (Bay State)  Motto:  By the Sword We Seek Peace   Massachusetts is the mother of our nation--the state that represents the very birth and development of our nation.  Chuck Pierce prophesied, "The voice of MY people will be heard louder than the voice of the enemy in this state."  He listed 4 prayer points for Massachusetts. 1. Pray that the believers have full faith.  2. Pray that they enter into the weapons of deliverance--stir them up.  3. Pray that they frustrate the enemy.  4.Pray that they fight for their covenant.  Chuck said that Massachusetts has been a state where there are no absolute truths.  Do not be afraid.  Be aware of religious and political spirits that will try to align themselves together to frustrate God's purposes.  Dutch shared that God is coming to bring a Great Awakening to snatch many from hell! God is going to break through in Massachusetts and many of His enemies will become His friends.  God will transform the curses into blessings

Michigan:  (Wolverine State)  Motto:  If You Are Looking for a Beautiful Peninsula, Look Around You.
A State With a Restored Voice  A former mayor of Detroit had given Saddam Hussein the keys to the city.  Thus, the Church in that region lost their voice as the door to another religious structure was opened. Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets exhorted the assembly that these keys must come back into the authority of God's apostolic realm and the gate must be shut!  They prayed for several days and God intervened in Baghdad. (miraculous event at that time.)  Pray against anti-semitism in this state and the demonic hold of Islam in Detroit. Also Detroit was the first city after Washington D.C. to pattern itself after the Masonic layout of a city.  Pray against that stronghold as well.

Minnesota:  (North Star State)  Motto:  The Star of the North    The Threshing Floor State
This is a time for Harvest praying.  Minnesota, the Threshing Floor State, is leading the way!  Watch Minnesota move the Harvest from the Threshing Floor into the Storehouse. Chuck Pierce prophesied that there would be great medical breakthroughs in Minnesota.  (Shawn Bolz also prophesied the same thing when he came to Minnesota a couple years ago.)  Dutch Sheets said, "Lord I decree that the State of Minnesota is a threshing floor.  The grain will be so high that they will need help to harvest it.  Fertility and blessing!  The favor of the Lord. You will possess the gates of your enemies.  Jehovah Jireh will manifest."
Pray for a quick end of the flooding of the Islamic prayer siren throughout the airways of Minneapolis which came about during the lockdown of COVID19.  Pray for righteous leaders in Minnesota and also righteous representative/senators from Minnesota at the federal level.  Yes, Lord, Minnesota will possess the gates of its enemies!

Mississippi:  (Magnolia State)   Motto:  By Valor and Arms   The State in the Valley of Decision
Dutch Sheets stated, " Mississippi is at one of the greatest crossroads of any group of people that I have ever ministered to in my life...This state, your destiny, whether you move on in the Lord, you are so in the balance. There is something about this state right now that if very important to the Lord.  And the Lord is really raising the bar for Mississippi."  Chuck Pierce said that the meaning of Mississippi is "father of waters." God wants to break the orphan spirit of Mississippi and raise up the apostolic mantle. I am bringing a gathering anointing in this state.  The isolation on you will break.  From this you will see much fruit come forth."

Missouri:  (Show-Me State)  Motto:  The Welfare of the People   The Show Me Your Glory State
Chuck Pierce said, "There's something very key about this state.  It has more rivers than any other state.  Declare that they will have all the rivers of God flowing there!  Dutch said, "Missouri, help is on the
 way!  God is going to show His glory to the "Show Me" state. The river of God will flow through Missouri bringing signs, wonders, and miracles.  God is releasing the "seer" anointing, opening the eyes of Missouri to see prophetically.  Four cities will have a release of evangelism that will overtake them:  Kansas City,
St. Louis, Jefferson City, and Carthage. Missouri has lifted prayer and worship to a new level and is setting the captives free."

Montana:  (Treasure State)  Motto:  Gold and Silver   The Pure Atmosphere State
When Chuck and Dutch were flying over Montana they sensed a cleanness in the Spirit.  "There is something here that is very pure.  He is going to do something very unique".  Pray that the Lord would continue to purify the hearts of the believers in Montana. Pray that the increase in the spiritual and the natural would come forth as a blessing to the nation and the nations of the world. Dutch prayed, "In the name of Jesus, we bind and remove from the Body of Christ that independent, self-sufficient spirit that undergirds all of the social structures.  We release a dependence on God and valuing of all generations, races, cultures, and the gifts of the Spirit in others".  Dutch  prophesied, "Treasures locked up in this state, both in the natural and in the Spirit, things that God from the beginning decreed for you and put in this state--you're just now coming into it.  The Lord said, "I'm about to bring into alignment what I decreed about a long time ago for Montana.  Pray that it be so in and with Montana, according to Your will. Awaken their destiny. Dutch decreed, "We call forth the wealth that will spring out of Montana --both physical and the spiritual. He prayed, "May it produce and yield all the Lord wants for His purposes. We bind the thief that comes to steal and destroy in the name of Jesus!"

Nebraska:  (Cornhusker State)  Motto:  Equality Before the Law    The Unique State
The Lord said He would use Nebraska to surprise His people and bring them to the attention of the nation.
The Lord said that Nebraska would be used in 2 areas to affect the nation. First was to tear down false ideology of humanism, intellectualism and the soul man.  The second area was to bring supply--food. funds, and a revelation for times to come. (Dutch Sheets' words)

Nevada:  (Silver State)  Motto:  All for Our Country     The Transformation State
Chuck Pierce proclaimed that God is ready to deal with a bitter root that is in Las Vegas that is affecting this state, and that is going to cause, instead of bitterness, a move of healing to spring forth. Nevada will be known as a refuge for California. Chuck prophesied, " Get ready, for healing will spring forth in this desert.. I've been putting seeds in the dry barren place.  I bring travail and bring birth pangs there.
Dutch declared, "I saw an incredible move of the supernatural into this region through the river of God.  This move of the river was going to heal, but also going to bring resurrection life and salvation...I am coming with the river of My Spirit into the schools.... It will come in through the students...through the miraculous...A fire is going to begin to burn...It will be a student-led movement that will disrupt schedules. Dutch declared, "Something is happening in this state that is going to release billions of dollars for the harvest and for the Kingdom of God.  Across the nation, works of God will be funded because something was broken in the heavenlies over Nevada.

New Hampshire:  (Granite State)  Motto:  Live Free or Die    The State of Freedom
Chuck Pierce said that the word of the Lord to New Hampshire is that their worship will be a prototype of how the nation goes.  The atmosphere created will cause a shift of turning our nation back to God. The army of God in the nation will gather strategy from this state for the battle. New Hampshire was the first state to sign the Declaration of Independence.  It will be the first state to restore a full covenant with God that will bring the nation back to liberty and freedom again. New Hampshire will bring a voice of the uncompromising truth politically and spiritually--a voice that will cause the enemy to know that he will not be able to divert the plan of God. There is a peculiar anointing for breakthroughs in this state and it will become a refuge for many nations.  Dutch Sheets said that the people of New Hampshire are giant killers.  They have persistence, tenacity, and a holy stubbornness. They are a hammer state. Their prayers and worship brings an anointing like a hammer that strikes blow after blow to bring breakthrough.  They must take the arrow of the Lord and strike hard!  New Hampshire is a gate state that reflects the authority of gatekeepers  They have a governmental authority to lock and unlock, to bind and to loose. They will have an atmosphere to overthrow the thrones of iniquity and bring freedom to the covenant of God. They will produce a new sound from Heaven, and God will use them to rearrange the nation. Their forefathers built  New Hampshire on the verse from Isaiah 33:22.  New Hampshire is about to experience a spiritual unity and alignment unlike anything we have ever seen.

New Jersey:  (Garden State)  Motto:  Liberty and Prosperity  The Watchman State
Dutch Sheets prayed, "Lord, You call it the watchman anointing, equipping and enablement.  I'm asking You to put a mantle of prayer for watchman intercession on everyone across this state so that New Jersey can be the Watchman State.  New Jersey shall say, "This gate is secure, America. New Jersey is on duty."
Chuck Pierce followed with this prophetic word from the Lord:  There are vipers working in Jersey City and Newark.  Find those vipers so they do not become snipers.  Look carefully and watch, for I have found a nest, and I am ready to break the eggs of that nest so they do not hatch out.  I have raised up this time and released this anointing because you must watch now.  I am calling you into a night watch, and as you watch in the night, you will see what is wanting to break out and even be harvested in the day.  Establish the night watches and watch these next  two and a half months.  Watch carefully, for you are playing a major part.  If you will gather the state to pray for the first 21 days of August, one country per day, during the fourth watch of the night, I will break the power of the enemy from off of your state."  They began the "Fourth Watch of the Night Prayer Initiative."  Each of the 21 counties in New Jersey was assigned a 3 A.M. to 6 A.M. watch. It was successful as vipers did not become snipers.  They were apprehended with many weapons and planning a mass murder.  Many lives were saved at the beginning of the fourth watch!
However, the state government is not in good condition (2003). Teachings released in Trenton against territorial warfare have shut down the prophetic and apostolic declarations needed to open the heavens over that city.  Pray for repentance about this, so the block will be removed.  As of 2005 none of the statewide intercessory networks have solid prayer teams in place. Harvesting of parts of aborted babies were allowed by the state government.  Pray for a restoration of righteousness and for more  intercessors.

New Mexico:  (Land of Enchantment)  Motto: It Grows as It Goes  The Supernatural State
Dutch Sheets declared Isaiah 35 over New Mexico--that the desert will bloom. He prophesied, "The moving of My Spirit is on this land, and the firstfruits of My Spirit will be manifested here.  There will be an outbreak of the supernatural, with a demonstration of miracles. Welcome My Spirit, for there are many spirits in this land.  I am the Revelator. From this day forth, the prophets will be able to sound a clear trumpet in New Mexico.  Watch the winds for they are a sign. Don't hide yourself from the wind, but allow it to blow away that which has grown dusty.  Many who have come into the supernatural but not by My Spirit will now come into My Kingdom. I will bring in the witches and warlocks, and a great conversion of those that have experienced the supernatural of the enemy.  I am getting ready to bring them in and raise up prophets in your midst.  Current leaders who stand in My pulpit, will stand to speak, but the spirit of prophesy will come upon them.  I am releasing mysteries, strategies, and revelation.  Cry out for the leaders of this state to receive the prophetic mantle  New Mexico will surprise the nations. The hidden will be revealed.  A supernatural 'something' will happen that will shift the economy of this state. Death and destruction has been in this state, but faith is coming to the pueblos.  Invite faith into the pueblos!"

New York:  (Empire State)  Motto:  Excelsior (Higher)    His Kingdom State
Joseph Askins declared "Our Empire State will become His Kingdom State!"  The watchword was "connect" which was repeated at all the cities in New York they visited. This didn't mean that every Christian was going to connect, but rather a remnant would connect and God would release authority to the remnant to legislate in the heavenlies. God is going to judge the state of New York by their willingness to come together and worship at different times throughout the year, regardless of the circumstances!  The Lord released a flaming sword to Chuck and Dutch that released an anointing to govern and legislate from the heavenly realm over governmental structures that have been resisting God's moves, and declare that the gates of New York are open to the King of glory! Chuck released a word from the Lord that there would be 60 revival houses throughout New York State that would spring up over the next year.  Also he was given a word to declare that the occult power of Free Masonry would begin to be dismantled; and the effect of free masonry in this nation would begin to be exposed.

North Carolina:  (Tarheel State)  Motto: To Be Rather Than to Seem   Shifting Into a Release of Wealth
Chuck Pierce declared, "Now hear me, some of you must shift out of the old position that you are in and into the new place."  Pray that the shift will occur from the old, into the new.  Requested prayer points.  1.Pray that the churches will rise up and put on the spirit of purity so that revival would break forth.
2. Pray against the spirit of antichrist that is trying to remove all mention of God from public places and even the removal of "One Nation Under God" in the courtrooms.  3. Pray that the favor of God and man would come upon the believers (Luke 2:52). 4. Pray for reconciliation of the Native Americans in North Carolina and also that they will receive the spirit of joy to replace rejection, sorrow, hopelessness, depression and suicide that many have struggled with. 5.Pray for exposure and dismantling of Free Masonry, Knights of Pythias, New Age groups, and Wicca, and that the demonic gate holding back the river of life from flowing in and through people's lives will be opened. Also that the spirit of blindness would be removed from their hearts and minds to hear and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. 6. Pray that God will redeem the land and restore the firstfruits of harvest naturally and spiritually causing miracles with signs and wonders to manifest in North Carolina and the earth  7.  Pray that believers will protect what comes in and goes out of the eye gates, ear gates and mouth gates. 8. Pray that God will cleanse and heal North Carolina and the nation, because they have been defiled by injustices, the sin of greed, and sins of our forefathers.  9.  Pray that the spirit of perversion would be broken off the government and that leaders will be accountable in their words and character.  10. Pray for reconciliation among the blacks and whites of North Carolina and that they will love one another as Christ commanded.

North Dakota:  (Sioux State)  Motto: Liberty and Union, Now and Forever; One and Inseparable
The Faith and New Wineskin State   Chuck Pierce prophesied, "The people of North Dakota are going to rise up with faith in such a way that they are going to unite. They are going to become a new sharp, threshing instrument, in such a way that the mountains of the past will not be able to stop them in the future. And they will have a voice of decree that will cause every mountain that has stopped the move God to begin to fall and the mountains will become as a plain. ... I am going to give you authority over what has broken My circle of destiny in this state.  No longer will it be able to break.  Unity is coming upon this state!"   Pray for a new level of unity that will cause them to rise up in faith and become a new sharp, threshing instrument.  Hope deferred and sorrow from the generations must be broken out of the land.  Declare that joy will overtake the people and the land of North Dakota.   Chuck continued to say that there will be a windy season that is going to be stirring up a fragrance of destiny that has never fully come into the atmosphere.  The natural wind will be a spiritual sign to you, that which God has planted, He is unlocking.  Ask for the wind to come and begin to blow the fragrance of the Spirit of God into the rest of the nation.  North Dakota is entering into a fruitful season, as you have been travailing. Call forth the physical and spiritual fruit of North Dakota and declare it will be brought into the storehouse of the Lord.
Ask God for things to begin to stir in North Dakota.  Chuck prophesied, "It is time for the people of North Dakota to know that they are becoming a new wineskin."  He said, "You will present the wineskin and declare from this time forward, a structure that is new. I declare North Dakota is a new wineskin state!
Join in declaring the Lord's word that North Dakota is a new wineskin state!

Ohio:  (Buckeye State)  Motto:  With God, All Things Are Possible   The State That Swings the Sword
 Words of the Lord over Ohio from Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets and Barbara Yoder.
1. Ohio is a swing state to lift the nation back into place.  2. God is going to catch the state up quickly.  There will be a war in the heavenly realms.  3. Ohio is a sign post.  Suddenly, things will change.  Ohio will come from the back of the pack to the front.  4. It is time for Ohio to pick up the sword to overcome and break the religious spiritual stronghold over them. The prophetic breaker anointing will be a battering ram to shift the state.  5.Apostolic order will come into place. (Our nation depends on it.)  6.  Fire to purify is coming.  Much iniquity is to be dealt with. A radical Church in Ohio is being birthed. 7.A great buzzing has started.  8. Columbus must receive a pioneer anointing.  9. Cincinnati will be volatile. 10.  Cleveland, revival is at the door.  11. Eagles again will fly as the bird of war.  12. A new thing is birthed.  
13.  Transitions are coming from unbelief, idols, fear and complacency. 14. A great restructuring to the enemy's camp is happening. Confusion is being brought to the enemy.  Ancient seeds of darkness are about to be undone. 15. The heart of the father and the heart of the children will be supernaturally reconciled.  16. There will be a breaking of false covenants and a building of new covenants in Dayton. The free masonry spirit root in Dayton will be taken by the axe. 17. Ohio will go through the process of travail, conception, birth, refinement, and finally, to restoration of joy. Surprises will happen.

Oklahoma:  (Sooner State)  Motto:  Work Overcomes All Obstacles   The Open Heaven State
God told Chuck Pierce, "Go to all tribes that exist in Oklahoma and take to them a gift that says
I AM in your midst and I AM coming to visit and invade and restore and reconstruct them.  Visit each one this year and in your visiting I will visit and the glory that I have will flood this land."  To Bill Sanchez, gatekeeper of Norman, OK where the Univ. of OK is:  "Go to that campus gate and declare that I will interrupt the sports events. I will invade the campuses, and it will be seen in the nation."  He also said, "When you see clearly and you see the blockage of those that didn't have a heart for My glory, I will remove that blockage, and then I will give you the plan of completion.  Mourn first, then rejoice, for completion is coming." ( History has shown that the broken covenants with the Natives and their bloodshed have defiled Oklahoma.  Contributing to further defilement of the land is Freemasonry which has become the seedbed for all other forms of occult practices.)  Pray against all occult practices and pray for complete reconciliation among all the people of Oklahoma.

Oregon:  (Beaver State)  Motto:  She Flies With Her Own Wings  The State to Throw Jezebel From the Wall   Several well known prophets have prophesied that the prophets and spiritual intercessors in Oregon
have been given the assignment to take out "Jezebel," which will facilitate revival around the globe.  Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets declared that Oregon will have (or has) the authority to see the Jezebel spirit torn down over the entire nation.  As a result, what is prayed,  prophesied, and decreed from this state (along with other states, of course, but there is a special anointing in Oregon) will help to determine much of what happens in revival nationwide and worldwide.  Pray that prophets will flock to Oregon in larger numbers to defy the prophets of Baal and the spirit of Jezebel, and throw that spirit down--not as an act of the flesh but by the blood of Jesus.  Pray that no one will try to take on Jezebel alone, (unless called and anointed by God to do so),but corporately, in larger corporate gatherings to stand, in unity, against that which stands against God and His servants and friends, the prophets.

Pennsylvania:  (Keystone State)  Motto: Virtue, Liberty, and Independence. 
The First Shall Be Last--A governmental Shift State.  The prophetic word indicates that Pennsylvania is truly the Keystone State.  A keystone is the block that hold all the other blocks of an arch in place.  This state will play a role in helping the nation come into alignment spiritually and the they will set the pace in governmental praying and declaration. The greater agreement in their prayers, the greater the power in prayers. Chuck Pierce said that there will be a "grass roots movement."  He said there would eventually be seven key centers for worship that will cut off the head of the enemy in the state. In Pennsylvania's history they have been plagued with injustice and racism.  Hate groups such as KKK have set up residence there.  The Lord desires for Pennsylvania to be the state of brotherly love.  Pray against Freemasonry, Wicca and other aspects of witchcraft.  We decree that Pennsylvania is a state filled with Christ's love!

Rhode Island:  (Little Rhody)  Motto: Hope   The Miracle State
It was brought out that a sweeping move for repentance will come to Rhode Island that will cause miracles to happen across the state. Another statement was that the gov't of Rhode Island will see that God is present in the state.  It was pointed out that there is demonic assignment (Jezebel spirit) to "weaken male leadership--fathers, pastors, Christian and unbelieving men alike, spiritual sons of the state, and apostolic authority. It attacks by way of fear, passivity, religiosity, immorality, self-sufficiency, physical affliction, distraction, spiritual blindness and hard-hearted apathy. Prayer requests 1. Pray for leadership energy and personal revival and stirred up to raise up an army of spirit-filled people to heal a nation.  2.  Pray for a hedge of protection for spiritual leaders of Rhode Island from addictions, divorce, control, witchcraft, criticism, etc. 3. Bind the weaknesses of the independent spirit, evidenced by self-sufficiency, isolationism and division. 4. Loose the strength of the independent spirit--that which is necessary to pioneer and chart out new truths, revelation, fearlessness in Christ in confronting "giants".  5. Pray that the pastors will not fall prey to a passive leadership style.  6. Loose unity, peace to oust confusion, spiritual discernment, pastoral friendship and love. 7.  Pray that the intercessory prayer coordinators from differing streams and cities would come together at the Rhode Island State House. 8. Pray that the state officials will be open to receiving prayer and the establishment of a prayer room in the State Capitol Building.

South Carolina:  (Palmetto State)  Motto:  Prepared in Mind and Deed  
The State that Reversed the Curse  Dutch Sheets spoke, "You are going to see a completion of the breaking through of racism, denominationalism, sectarianism--even in the government of this state. You will see people begin to come together, and lay down divisive things. You are going to see political leaders bury the hatchet and begin to come together. The Lord said, "I am trying to fracture something that is centuries old, and it is going to permeate every area of culture and society."  Dutch continued, "I'm hearing the word "cycle"...past  Disconnect and reconnect.  Disconnect through repentance, through forgiveness.  Establish proper alignment so the next generation of South Carolina will get life instead of another cycle of death, racism, hatred, infirmities coming through occultish things. Diane Buker decreed: "The very thing that the enemy used, to use you, South Carolina, as a breech, the Lord is using now to build a siege mound around you, to enable you to break through.  You are a battle axe in the hand of the Lord!  Prophetic Prayer declaration: "South Carolina has been forgiven much. South Carolina will love much!  Instead of secession, South Carolina is called to intercession--doing whatever He says--weeping yet rejoicing because His judgments will remove everything that hinders His love. South Carolina will follow the Lamb wherever He goes."

South Dakota:  (Coyote State)  Motto:  Under God the People Rule   The Stronghold State
Dutch Sheets said, "There are giants in South Dakota, but God is going to transform this region that is belittled, trodden down, and disparaged, and make it a Hebron--a place of friendship--north and south friendship with God."  South Dakota is going to become conspicuous because of the presence of the Lord.
Pray for the establishment of sacred covenants in South Dakota, for the networking of networks already there, for strategic partnerships to form, for the restoration of covenant relationships with Native Americans here.  Chuck Pierce said, "It is amazing that South Dakota, one of the least populous states in our nation, has one of the greatest voices in our nation". Pray that South Dakota is increasingly in a place of usefulness to God for His purposes nationally--that they would move out into a place of strategic national influence.  Pray that the spirit of religion in this state will be exposed, disarmed and bound.  Pray for number of key leaders and churches in key places to break out and join God in reaching this region.

Tennessee: (Volunteer State)  Motto:  Agriculture and Commerce   
A State Receiving God's Covenant Blessing  Dutch Sheets prophesied over Tennessee 'I want you to realize I have given you the authority to decree, bind, loose, to close doors and open doors.'  The Lord is saying, 'Go to another level of governmental authority.  This is the Volunteer State, the Psalm 110 State.  I will take this state to a new level of power and strength and functioning as a volunteer army of God.  A new warring spirit is breaking forth in the state of Tennessee, and you will step into that mantle again.' "  Dutch told how the Lord showed him on the flight to Tennessee that a curse relating to Israel had been removed off the state. On March 24, 2003 (3 days earlier), at the Capitol, the Lt Governor publicly formalized the resolution passed by Tennessee that the state would support Israel! (Dutch had no idea.)  That night God gave Tennessee its reward!  Dutch continued, "Tennessee, it's a new day for you. You did something in natural government this week that did something in the Spirit, and it broke decades-long or probably a 100-150 year-old curse.  God said, 'Because of your allegiance and alignment with Israel here, I moved you from curse to covenant blessings.'  The word volunteer means a freewill offering.  They had to volunteer, to feel it in their heart. The Lord said, "I'm going to take this state to a new level of serving.' "  Chuck Pierce confirmed this as he prophesied, ""Because Tennessee has aligned themselves with the nation of Israel and chose to bless My people and covenant with them, I am reversing the curse of the broken covenant (especially with the Native American people) and am bringing them into a new blessing of covenantal release. I am going to bring it to a new level of unity."

Texas:  (Love Star State)  Motto:  Friendship-The Prophetic State
The gathering of the Texas State Meeting was powerful.  Jay Swallow, a Native apostolic leader, led a restoration process by reconciling issues concerning the Host People of the land. Then they moved from the Host People of the land to reconciliation between Hispanics and Anglos. In San Antonio cultures have clashed and many breaches have occurred which gave them a need to identify with past sins and problems. Much reconciliation occurred concerning the Hispanic issue and the leaders of that ethnic group took their prophetic apostolic place in our nation. Also, as a result of many prayers, decrees and prophesies, troops from the 4th Infantry went in and found Saddam Hussein three days after the Texas meeting! (Many others had also prayed, but the Corporate Texas prayer gathering was a key factor.)
Dutch Sheets declared, "I say there is governmental anointing on the state of Texas--on the Church of Texas--to rise up in her position in heavenly places and begin to legislate and begin to affect, to begin to release the government of God that changes the government of man."  He began to prophesy, "Watch for the bridges that begin to fall...These will become signs to you.  For bridges will be coming down so that I can reroute what I need to do at this time.  There is strength in this state to turn the battle at the gate.  Allow your strength to rise up...The heavens are opening tonight and the revelation is beginning to pour out."

Utah:  (Beehive State)  Motto:  Industry   The Worship State
Chuck Pierce prophesied that a different sound would come from Utah that would penetrate the entire nation. He gave them direction to begin having corporate worship services where they would "ascend in worship and descend in warfare." He prophesied that the worship services would gradually increase from one hour to twelve hours and that it would release the sound coming forth and break through the veil. However, it was difficult to coordinate them among the churches.  Pray that the Lord would remove the barriers keeping them from having unified corporate citywide and statewide worship events.  There have been many wonderful prophesies spoken over Utah for which they know are true and are thankful for.
Here are the battles they face and desire intercession for:  1.Seductive and divisive spirits, designed to draw people away from the truth and keep them from revelation.  2.  Masonic and Mormon foundations in fertility cult spirits; oppression of women and the demonic exaltation of men.  3.  Barrenness and untapped productivity in women--held in check by demonic forces and curses pronounced over them on a daily basis.  4.Being strong and courageous--to challenge and undo the works of the enemy and the ignorance of believers who cannot see. 5. Please pray that they will walk joyfully in the blessings God has given them and walk victoriously through the battles!  

Vermont:  (Green Mountain State)  Motto:  Freedom and Unity  The Passover State and The Sleeping Beauty State 
Chuck Pierce prophesied, "It's time for Vermont to go to war for your inheritance... The beauty of holiness I have rested on this state...  the light of your inner radiance has dwindled...You are known as the Sleeping Beauty of this nation and I would say to this state, it is time for that sleeping beauty to wake up.  You have kicked against the pricks and even poison has caused you to go to sleep...So I am calling forth the leaders and the princes of this state to rise up and begin to stand together and decree into the atmosphere.  And that which has been encompassed by thorns will begin to break... It is time to rise up and allow Me to move...It is time to shout into the atmosphere AWAKE, and as you shout, healing will begin to fall in your midst."  The Church has to rise up to contend with things that are trying to put it to sleep."  Dutch Sheets prophesied, "Make room for Me to do something you've not seen before." He declared that they have to learn to focus their attention more on the unseen than what they see around them. He said that they could change their church, business and home if they would go daily and began to decree the word of the Lord for 30-60 minutes in that building over the vision and over the congregation. If you do enough decreeing/prophesying together, you will change this state."  Chuck Pierce prophesied, "Rise up and go to each city and cry awake. For I say if you will cry and decree that each city will awake, there will be a movement of My Spirit that surprises each church in each city."

Virginia:  (The Old Dominion)   Motto: Thus Always to Tyrants   The Covenant Root State
Chuck Pierce wrote, "The hand of God sovereignly orchestrated a reconciliation between the Blacks and Whites. They called the state the "Covenant Root State" and dealt with root issues that prevent God's covenant plan for our nation from coming forth.  The leadership in Black America is about to arise with great revelation from God.  From Virginia, a curse will be broken off our nation."  
Prayer requests:
1.  Pray against the spirits of crime, murder, and death over their cities. Pray for transformation in all of Virginia's cities and that the Church will arise to its place in affecting the community.
2.  Pray for holiness and godliness among the youth and for godly education.
3.  Pray for sanctity of marriages.
4.  Pull down/immobilize forces of witchcraft over the region. Pull down spirits of division within the church.
5.  Pray for the protection of  their troops and that no evil will attach itself to them and they will return home safely.  Pray that their families/marriages will remain intact.

Washington:  (Evergreen State)  Motto: By and By  The Whirlwind State
There were many prophetic words spoken over Washington!  Dutch Sheets heard the Lord say, "I am coming to bring order to the Church in Washington."  He saw puzzle pieces flying around in a circle like a whirlwind. By the time it finished, there was a puzzle but he did not see what it looked like. God said, 'I am going to send a whirlwind."  He saw that it was of God and the pieces were picked up because there was disarray and a spirit of confusion over Washington.  Then he saw Him pick up the pieces and begin to deposit them.  When He finished it was all in order. Then he saw the pieces turn into words.  Dutch prophesied, God says, 'I am going to bring My word and My voice is going to come forth and will bring order.' I would say to you that this is a whirlwind of judgment and blessing meant to deal with the disorder  and things that are not good.  But in God's profound way when He dealt with satan and brought judgment, He was also bringing life. Chuck Pierce declared:  "Foursquare--God's going to shake it up.  He decreed that in the next next several months there will be a great shaking in the foursquare Church.  Leadership will change.  What is hidden will be exposed!  Chuck also shared, "I hear the Lord saying that worship is going to be very significant in this season.  'You must give to Me extended seasons of worship at meetings designed just to worship Me.  In your own devotion and prayer life, you must into a season with prolonged periods of worship and praise which will lubricate you and make you pliable and soft.  Praise will break things in the Spirit.  Praise is going to free things and enthrone Me in situations. You will see Me move where you did not even ask Me to move.'  Listen this is the word of the Lord over you.  There is coming a resurrecting of promises to the state of Washington.  There is coming a fruitfulness and fertility.

West Virginia:  (Mountain State)   Motto:  Mountaineers Are Always Free   The Breakthrough State
Chuck Pierce taught from  Ezekiel 37  1. "Prophesy to the bones!  The sound comes forth of a new order.
2.  Prophesy again!  Persevere with revelation, for hope deferred makes the heart sick.  3.  Prophesy again!  Spirits of death that have infiltrated life cycles must be addressed.  Things that have never been opened must be opened!  Chuck said that he believes this is where West Virginia is as a state.
4.  Performance Stage!  "I will put My Spirit within you!"  As West Virginia is entering this stage, they are on the verge of the performance of God's word."  Dutch Sheets declared, West Virginia, you are poised for a breakthrough--but you must push!  You are very close to some wonderful things"  Dutch encouraged them to seek out the deep wells of the past. He said they must connect synergistically with the covenantal strength of their forefathers.

Wisconsin:  (Badger State)  Motto:  Forward    The River State
Chuck Pierce gave a word concerning Wisconsin. 1. There is a strong religious spirit linked with Freemasonry.  There is covenant agreement through this spirit to stop the appropriation of the blood of Jesus in Wisconsin.  2.  God desires to bring forth something new. They are called to be a shield of defense to this land, and if they move forward, it will expose the plans of the enemy.  3.  There is a fountain in place in Wisconsin, but it is corked up. When the cork is removed, there will be 12 flowing streams coming out of the fountain. Water is going to flow across this state!  Dutch Sheets prophesied,
"Wisconsin is My River State."  God is trying to release the river.  Satan brings in a religious spirit to stop God's river from flowing. When God's river starts to flow, it will undo the religious spirit. In the church there is a spirit of unbelief that says, 'God cannot change things suddenly.' A shift in the heavenlies brings a change. God wants to bring a fresh flow of revelation for the people of Wisconsin through dreams, visions and the prophetic.  Light is coming!  Intellect stops the free flow of revelation. The River frees it. A wave of the miraculous is coming to Wisconsin and a harvest with many fish!  But there is a spirit of unbelief rooted in the religious spirit.  Choose to take God outside the walls of the Church and break the religious spirit.

Wyoming:  (Equality State)  Motto:  Equal Rights   The Deliverance State
Dutch Sheets prophesied, "The Lord says, ' I need for My people in Wyoming to know that they have a loud voice in the Spirit--that they have significance...When you pray and decree things, you have as much  a voice as any place in this nation...I'm giving you a sword.  I'm bringing you into unity.  You will overthrow thrones of iniquity. This territory will be a place of habitation of My Spirit.  Many will come in to Wyoming.  and the voice of God will be heard there."  (The Lord has spoken to Wyoming repeatedly about its gifting in the ministry of restoration, healing, and renewal to leaders, both secular and spiritual, of the world.)  Pray for both the deliverance of Wyoming's Church and the power of the Church to fully minister the deliverance that God has called her to.
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