Native Americans

Prayer Guide

19...Our ancestors left us a foolish heritage,
    for they worshiped worthless idols.
20 Can people make their own gods?
    These are not real gods at all!”
21 The Lord says,
“Now I will show them my power;
    now I will show them my might.
At last they will know and understand
    that I am the Lord.
  Jeremiah 16:19-21
According to Jeremiah 16 above, it is the kairos time for the Native Americans and Indigenous people around the world to reclaim their identity as the original fathers and mothers of their nation. This is the time our Heavenly Father is revealing to them that He is the one True God and none other. We believe that He is revealing to them that their true identity is in Christ Jesus and not in their tribe, ancestors, land or nation, etc.,
  • Pray for the 1,500 tribes in the Americas, approximately 51.1 million in population

  • Pray that  the Native American people would see Jesus for who He is, beyond His role just as Creator.

  • Pray that the Native American people would recognize and confess their sins in humility before God

  • Pray for the removal of spiritual strongholds from among the Native Americans and reservations; spiritism, alcoholism, gambling, perversion, incest, etc.,

  • Pray for breakthrough in the physical, spiritual, financial and health arenas of the Native Americans

  • Pray that the Native pastors and leaders will bear the Name of the Lord  with integrity and honor

  • Pray that the Native pastors and leaders would be filled with a hunger and thirst for righteousness and for spiritual protection for their wives, children, families

  • Pray that Native Christians will understand the unsurpassing power of the Holy Spirit over all spiritual forces

  • Pray that the Native Christian people would truly discover their Biblical identity in Christ Jesus

  • Pray for effective Native evangelism

  • Pray for revival within the Native churches

  • Pray that God would raise up a mighty army of warriors for Christ from among the Native believers 

  • Pray that an awakening and revival begin among the Native American people and spread across the USA
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