Middle East Prayer Guide

Prayer Points

  • Peace in the Middle East - for the God of mercy, compassion, grace and reconciliation to pour out His power upon all people in the Middle East

  • Thank God for His  powerful move in the Middle East as thousands are being born again into the Kingdom of God

  • Pray for the strengthening, boldness and training for these new believers with a Muslim background to grow in their Christian faith.

  • Pray for wisdom and protection for church leaders facing pressure and intimidation

  • Pray that church closures would cease and that house churches would thrive

  • Pray for those in prison or under arrest that they would stay strong in their faith

  • Pray for refugees and host communities - millions have fled from Syria, Lebanon, etc.,  to Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Europe and elsewhere. Pray especially for the traumatized children

Isaiah 19 Highway 

Please pray for the nations below which are part of Isaiah 19 highway - for God to bring a fuller release of this prophecy, for an awakening, for a revival and an unprecedented harvest of souls. Isaiah 19:2-25 & Genesis 15:18. (adopted from Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations Prayer Guide)

1. Afghanistan
2. Algeria
3. Armenia
4. Azerbaijan
5. Bahrain
6. Djibouti
7. Egypt
8. Eritrea
9. Ethiopia
10. Iran
11. Iraq
12. Israel
13. Jordan
14. Kuwait
15. Lebanon
16. Libya
17. Mauritania
18. Morocco
19. Oman
20. Qatar
21. Saudi Arabia
22. Somalia
23. Sudan
24. South Sudan
25. Syria
26. Tunisia
27. Turkey
28. Uganda
29. United Arab Ministries
30. Yemen